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Brand(s): Filitra ®

Sold as: Generic Levitra

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10mg × 30 pills $59.95 $2.00 Add to cart
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Centurion Laboratories

Cenforce as well as other similar drugs designed to improve erections and erectile dysfunction of varying degrees of complexity. Acting almost equally, drugs of this class improves blood flow to the penis and promote sexual arousal. Many men believe that Cenforce and similar drugs arouse sexual desire. They are very much mistaken. If you do not have the mood, arousal and psychological attraction to the partner, upon excitation Cenforce will not help.

Now consider the differences from other drugs of similar action. Firstly very famous because of the effect of it lasts much longer : after receiving the drug works for another 36-48 hours. Agree, a good result ! Secondly, it means very quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, thus effect is much faster. Thirdly, Cenforce does not affect the blood pressure, as well as vision and color perception.

Experts recommend taking one tablet of medicine 30 minutes before the alleged proximity. At meals at this time there are no restrictions. Action, as we already mentioned, continues 36 hours. During this time, the man can make a virtually unlimited number of sexual acts. Cenforce is such a drug that is recommended for men Sexologist with the most severe violations of erectile dysfunction, it has no limitations.

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